Beautiful Dancer (8"x10")
What I See Art

Beautiful Dancer (8"x10")

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$10 of every print of "Beautiful Dancer" sold will go to New York City Ballet's Access Programs.  Click here to learn more about these amazing programs and to see how they are making every dancer feel beautiful.    

"Beautiful Dancer" was the first completed piece in the "What I See Art" collection.  The artist works with children with disabilities and enjoys the opportunity of building off of what the student can do and not focusing on what they can't.  This piece focuses on the idea of how every child can see their own beauty in their own eyes.  


"OMG! I just felt my heart burst inside my chest... There are few gifts given/received that hit you straight in the heart. This is one of those... Thank you for seeing our special angels and all of their beauty! This will remind everyone what (she) sees in herself everyday... And what we see in her."  

- Terri /  Las Vegas, NV


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